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Case Study - >How to extract Her sexual energy inside the vagina to heat up your penis for a powerful erection for better sexual orgasm! (unedited)
Problems: Not a problem really, its just that while I was on your site, I came accross something that mentioned "expanding your erection by 20%"... I was wondering how to achieve this. I would really appreciate if you could answer me. Thanks again
Dr. Lin: 6/21/1998>

Yes, you can get the answer.
This is my power-up method. The procedures are:
1. You have to initiate your natural erection. The erection should not give you any pressure in your prostate muscle. Men after 40 may encounter the natural erection problem. If so, massage the penis base and footing to wake up the penis. Usually the penis will raise up in between 2-3 o'clock positions. If you can not do it, you need sexual electrolytes (herbal products), reduce your ejaculation frequency or practice my screwing technique to have intercourse without ejaculation everyday for 10-15 minutes.
2. In an intercourse session, you have to use my soft-drive technique - the slow motion (1.25 cycles/second) with short strokes to expand her vagina. Let her sexual energy build up at the Epicenter.
3. Then, use hard-drive positions for deep penetration with high-speed (2.5 cycles/second) stimulation with long strokes to further stimulate her for more sexual energy built up and to extract her sexual energy to heat your penis up.
4. You have to learn how to hold up your ejaculation once your reach a moment that you feel about to come. The easiest way for inexperienced men is to hold a semi-expanded low, abdomen during thrusting.
5. When you get to that point, stop love action, have a deep breathing, massage (compress) the penis base and footing, change the love position.
6. Repeat Procedure 5, until you feel an explosive pressure in your prostate. Up to this point, your sexual energy reaches the peak. You can make her come first, or both of you come together, for multiple orgasms. You can make a measurement for the size of the penis at that moment.
For my own curiosity, I have taken a measurement at that moment. The penis always becomes very shining. I have also noticed the power-up penis size is affected by her sexual energy/sexual response. For example, I usually expand the penis to 140% when she is in ovulation; in her low-body temperature period before ovulating, I can usually expand the penis to 120-130%; in her high-body temperature period after ovulating, I can do it to 110-120%. Overall, in one menstruation cycle, the averaged penis expansion is about 20% more than the normal erection. My penis will be over-expanded when she is ovulating. The over-expansion may cause skin irritation on the penis neck area. After ejaculating, I feel the penis being exploded. It will take 10-30 minutes for the penis to come to the rest.

My maximum penis power-up size is the same as what a penis vacuum pump can do for my penis. However, if you don't have enough sexual energy to hold the vacuum-pumped penis size, the penis will go limp in few minutes again. There is no reason to use a vacuum pump to enlarge the penis if your bioelectricity in the parasympathetic, sexual nerve runs low. I had tested a vacuum penis pump for at least 30 days. Nothing happened. However, based upon my experiment on the penis enlargement device, I can compare my Power-up Method with the Vacuum Pump Method.

The result is:
My Power-up Method can help me to hold a hard erection for longer than 40 minutes even at the age of 47 (as of 1998); when I was young, 30-40, I had usually held an hard erection for 60-90 minutes. It is very common for me to numb the penis with this method; Once the penis becomes numbed, the sexual stimulation is gone and the penis will start to retreat from the hard erection state. To hold the hard erection longer, I have to keep my penis response to the vagina stimulation.
The penis enlargement pump can only help men to get an instant erection. After 3-5 minutes, the penis will go limp if there is a lack of bioelectricity in their parasympathetic nervous system or a poor blood circulation in the genital area. If you want to use the penis pump for a permanent penis enlargement, you have to hang the pump on your penis day and night to let your penis generate more tissue. Even if you have a 9-inch penis pointing to 4-6 o'clock positions, you still can not apply enough pressure to stimulate her G-spot for triggering her orgasm. Women's orgasms are driven by the stimulation pressure between the male pubis and the hard penis. not by the penis size itself. Too big or long will cause intercourse pains for women, giving them no orgasm at all.

Size? No credit! Hardness? Yes! Yes!

The following factors will affect the penis power-up:
1. Your sexual energy - bioelectricity in your parasympathetic nervous system;
2. Her sexual energy - bioelectricity in her parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system;
3. Circumcision - if you don't have any foreskin left, you cannot expand your penis that much but you may able to get 10%-20% extra after powering the penis up; the maximum size you can get is the same as what a penis pump can do for your penis.

Circumcision has one advantage - keeping the penis neck clean for reducing the chance of getting rush after the age of 35. However, it has many drawbacks for intercourse. A foreskin will increase the G-spot stimulation, and help the penis to penetrate the vagina when she is not completely wetted. The most suitable size of the foreskin is about 1/2 coverage of the glans penis in a non-erection state. For this reason, baby boys should not be circumcised before their penises are fully developed! You should take a note on this issue.

How do I know the problem created by Circumcision? I experienced myself in 1993! I am an old, uncircumcised generation. Getting older and weaker (before I drank my herbal tea) makes the immune system weak. When I started to experience rush in my penis neck, I asked a circumcision specialist to trim back my foreskin. That doctor gave a lesson about how much foreskin should be trimmed. The foreskin has been left about 1/3 coverage of my glans penis. I has been happy with the result. It does not change the size of my natural erection, but it shorten my power-up penis size by 0.5 inches. My wife stops complaining my long, power-up penis which was a little too longer for her, but she said she likes the extra stimulation produced by the extra foreskin. Believe it or not, Trimming the foreskin will change your sex life! Note that the long, power-up penis is extremely hard, like a solid rod. If it can not preciously log into the Epicenter between the Cervix and Bladder, it will strike the Cervix and cause a lot of pain. However, if it logs into the the Epicenter, she will experience a Level-7 orgasm up to 20 cycles of orgasmic waves in less than one minute as shown in Timing.gif (click here).

I suspect the over-masturbation of teenagers is partially caused by circumcision. Growth hormones in beef or dairy products make kids' body (including sex organs) start to develop younger. Circumcision lets the glans penis exposed to the frictional stimulation of underwear. Then, kids will likely be to start masturbation at age of 7 -10. Before they reach their 20, they are sexually exhausted by over-masturbation. They start to experience impotence as early as their 18! They will be afraid of getting married. Therefore, they will become my potential clients.
Any way, if your or her sexual nerves are in the lack of bioelectricity, you or she must recharge the sexual battery with sexual electrolytes as listed in

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