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Case Study - >My 3-point Excitation Method gives her Level-7, seizure Sexual Orgasm, but they want to extend it. Here is HOW. (unedited)
Reader: 8/31/1998>

I am interested in extended sexual orgasms. We use the 3 points to achieve up to 12 orgasms several of which several are very long -- maybe up to 30 seconds or longer and produce a response that is like a seizure. Where can I read more on this?

Dr. Lin: 9/1/1998>

I am not surprised at your results. It seems she experienced more than 30 cycle orgasmic waves in her brain. When my wife experienced 20-cycle orgasmic waves (in fact, there are about 10 more small orgasmic waves during the orgasmic barrier breaking and the post-orgasmic damping), she told me her entire body became numb for several minutes.

The violently orgasmic responses, a Level-7 Orgasm include:
1. Her whole body shaking.
2. Her uterus squeezing out something, like delivery of a baby, far beyond the female ejaculation which is similar to labor.
3. Her head feeling being blown up at the moment, becoming very relaxed after orgasmic waves passing.
4. Her body becoming very soft eventually.

I have explained the physical process of Level-7 orgasm in terms of body wave propagation in my book. I correlate the excitation of the sexual orgasm waves with the excitation of the coastal edge waves which I performed in the University of California, Berkeley for my Ph.D, thesis during 1978-1981. The orgasmic wave's excitation, run-up to the brain, and re-radiation are exactly identical to these of the coastal edge wave. I have detailed them in the book with pictorial illustration. Experiencing Level-7 orgasm is very common when you use my 3-point Excitation Method.

After experiencing Level-7 orgasm, she will feel exhausted, but relaxed and pleasure. To extended her orgasmic response, she has to get her parasympathetic nervous system fully recharged. One way to do that is drinking my Orgasmic Tea (also known as Heat Tea) everyday in the evening. This tea will recharge her body for fully multiple orgasms any time.

The last chapter of my book deals with all sexual problems, of course, including this Orgasmic Tea. This tea has been tested for 6 months. We have a very sold and consistent conclusion. I am working on a special program to give my health club members a satisfaction warranty on this Heat Tea.

Appenix: Why she should drink the Orgasmic Tea!

Only a woman in the "heat" does not require high-speed and high-pressure stimulation to achieve orgasm. Under this situation, a simple penetration and thrusting, without touching the clitoris can make her come. Otherwise, it requires a simultaneous hard work on her clitoris and G-spot. In the routine intercourse, a woman can only have the "heat" in her ovulation day. However, the "heat" is insufficient to bring her to orgasm without a simultaneous stimulation of her clitoris and G-spot.
I have formulated my Orgasmic Tea, including VerdinaTea (33.3%) + EnergiaTea (33.3 %)+ FibraTea (33.3%) to perform this test.
The Orgasmic Tea will give a woman the "heat" and engorge her G-spot for sex any time, like the female animals looking for mating. Under the "heat", the sex organ is naturally lubricated and swollen, ready for penetration any time. Women drinking this tea become execellent lovers while their men don't have to work so hard! Their G-spot become extremely extrusive and sensitive. It can save you upto 80% of your time and effort (stimulation) to make her come. I should call this Orgasmic Tea as Passionate Tea or Heat Tea.
This tea burns the nutrients to sexual energy to have more sex. It can reshape her body and figure.

We have also been developing new packages called ViaPal-hGH (with a new full-spectrum natural hormone enhancer ViaGrowth-IV) to power the erection of the penis and the engorgement of the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter. These products are for men and women after 40.

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