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Case Study ->The Tai-Chi Yin-Kong, Horse-Raider Posture, and Penile Ballooning Method for better sexual orgasm.
Reader 1: 1/4/1999>
First of all I'd like to thank you very very much for all of your help .
So I've been massaging my penis instead of masturbating like you said I should do to end my masturbation problems. What excactly is the purpose of this practice? Also is there a certain way I should be doing this? It does help me not masturbate though--thank you. Masturbation to porno is bad right? Should I end masturbation all together?
I have a new question regarding a more specific problem to do with my early cumming problem. When I'm on the defense side I last a lot longer. But of cource, it cant stay that way the whole time during sex. When I move to the attack side I cant get it in more than like 10 times with out feeling like I'm gonna cum right then. Is there a special way without the use of drugs, herbs, or medicine for being on the "attack side." Maybe like a certain position or something I can "attack" or "pump" in that you could suggest?
Thank you again for your help and please please reply,

Reader 2: 1/4/1999>:
I hope you did not mind my question. I am sorry. I will appreciate if you right a word on meditation. I mean procedure.

Dr. Lin:1/6/1999>

1. Release your sexual urgency by channeling the sexual energy back to spinal cord, instead of discharging it through the ejaculation.
2. Massage the superior side of the lower portion of the penile shaft and the penile base/footing along the groins.
3. Practice a deep meditation by focusing your mind in the tailbone and lightly contracting the muscle between the anus and the tail bone in every inhaling - the Tai-Chi anal breathing method. Do it for 10-30 minutes in a conformable laying or sitting position. You will feel a heat flow from your prostate running up to the spinal cord during this practice.
4. If you have a sexual partner, you should stop masturbation ejaculation.
5. Practice the deep meditation during intercourse when you are in the defense position. Bring yourself into a semiconscious mental state to calm your sympathetic nervous system and promote your parasympathetic function for a hard erection. Massage the penis base and footing very often when the penis is out of the vagina to create the ballooning effect to block the nervous transmission of the sexual stimulation on the penis.
6. In the defense position, your sympathetic sexual motor nerves are less active; in the attack position, it becomes hyperactive. The best attack positions are use the Horse-Rider Posture which combine the defense and attack actions together. The Horse-Rider Posture is the Tai-Chi or Kung Fu's Horse Stand, the posture I uses for power up the penis to an extreme and it makes women come too. You can practice the semi-meditation as described in Item 5 with the Horse Stand, but you have to practice my Tai-Chi Yin-Kong breathing with this Tai-Chi posture every day without sex. Applying this semi-meditation breathing to intercourse will allow you to last for a long, long time, yes, for 2 hours.

Reader 1: 1/7/1999> This Horse-Rider Posture sounds interesting. What excactly is it? Do you have a photo? Thank you by the way for always replying to my questions! I do appreciate all you have done for everybody.
Dr. Lin: 1/8/1999> Ok! Give a picture of my Double-Body Motion technique with the Horse-Raider posture.
Reader 1: 1/9/1999>
Thank you so much for your help. So that the good position for being on the attack side. You sent me a picture and everything! I understand everything now. I guess I'll be on my great on my sex adventure now. The only thing left I can think to ask is if masturbation to porno when you have no partner is ok? If you do not have time please don't worry about it. YOu must get a lot of mail a day . I completely understand and appreciate everything you have done for me and everybody else.
Dr. Lin: 1/10/1999> My theory works perfectly for any body. You are one of them. The first time I used my 3-Point Excitation Position in 1977, she came third times in one night. Later, I extended the principle of Tai-Chi anal breathing to my Tai-Chi Yin-Kong with the Horse-Rider Posture which is a defensive attack posture. It is an attack posture that allows the superior portion of the penis to act as a erection charger to translate the sexual stimulation into the erection power to balloon the penis. It also channels the sexual energy in the Ejaculation Control Valve back to the spinal cord and Governing Vessel to prevent ejaculation. I has used this method to extract the female sexual energy from the Epicenter, so that it can energize my body with each intercourse.
If you don't have a sexual partner to practice, you should massage the superior portion of the penile shaft and avoid the trigger zone. At the same time, you must practice the Tai-Chi anal breathing method I taught you. In this way, you can translate your massage energy on the penile shaft to the erection power for the natural penile enlargement - the Ballooning Method as described in
You can do it with the porno movies, but limit your ejaculation as possible as you can. Of course, it will elevate the sexual energy in your perineum. So, you must massage your groins and perineum with the Tai-Chi anal breathing to direct your energy back to your spinal. After each practice, you should have some physical exercises such as 1 or 2 mile run to discharge the extra energy in your sympathetic , sexual motor nerves. You should reduce the consumption of the red meat and dairy products to 30-50% of your diet, in order to cool down your prostate. You must cool down the prostate, even you have sexual partner to practice. Note that red meat and dairy products are "Yang-type" foods that make the prostate's Ejaculation Control Valve become hyperactive, driving men to like ejaculation for a quick release and causing prostate problems (cancer and enlargement).

You have to cool down the prostate with foods or herbs rich in Phyto (plant) estrogen. You can last longer if you keep your prostate cool during intercourse!

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