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Case Study ->Young man Thanks Dr. CD-ROM and asks for help on the sexual orgasm problem!

Reader : 1/26/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin,
Kindly keep my name and email address confidential.
I have just purchased your CDROM and am finding the information contained in it and your web-site very informative.
I am faced with a very serious problem, and I believe only you can help me. It is causing me tremendous depression. I seek your professional help.
I am a 28 years old male, fairly healthy (other than sexually). However I have weak eyesight, and wear high power glasses (-13 diopters). I have normal sex-drive.
I am a virgin until now (!!!) and am getting married in 3 months' time to a girl whom I have loved for quite some time now.
I have always had the bad habit of masturbating, since the age of 12. I have been masturbating 1 to 3 times a day. And have thus wasted a lot of my energy.
I have also been doing vacuum-pumping for the last 3 months, to improve my size.
Now, I have a big problem getting an erection. I dont get an erection at all if I dont stimulate myself. When I try to masturbate (in order to be sure of my sexual strength before I get married), even with all the stimulation, I find it very hard to get an erection now. Even if I get an erection, it goes down almost immediately, if I dont stimulate it continuously. Also, the erection is quite soft. However, inside the pump, I get very impressive erections.
I also have the problem of premature ejaculation, particularly when I am very excited but my penis is soft.
I think this problem might exist even after my marriage, and may ruin my love life.
I would like to request you to prescribe me your herbal solutions to my problems. Please let me know what medicines I need to order. And also, how long do I need to consume them. Also, I dont want to become totally dependant on drugs for my sexual performance for the rest of my life. So I would like to take medicines that only need to be taken for a fairly short term to cure my problems as soon as possible. Not for the rest of my life. This is also because, financially I am not very sound.
Also, please let me know any known side effects of the medicines, for example, my eyes (retina) are very weak.
I would also be grateful if you mention the exercises I need to do. I have your CD and if you name the exercises, I can learn them from your CD and practise them.
Please be kind enough to offer a solution. I am terribly depressed and repentant for wasting myself in my teens. PLEASE SAVE MY LOVE LIFE.
Once again
my age: 28 years
sex: male
physical abnormalities : weak eyes. other than that, general health is OK.
my problems:
-weak erection.
-erection does not stay long without continuous stimulation.
-premature ejaculation.
However, I have a normal sex-drive.
Now, I have greatly reduced masturbation (1 - 2 times / week)
I do pumping for 30 - 60 mins every day.
I dont want to reduce my sex-drive, as that is my ONLY strength as of now.
Hope you will spend a little of your valuable time to offer me a cure. I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP.
Thank you a million times, in advance.
Yours sincerely

Dr. Lin 1/26/1999>
I have kept all the readers' information privately; otherwise, I will run out of business.
You are young and your problem is cureable.
Your endocrine system is sleeping due to a lack of bioenergy in your parasympathetic nervous system.
In fact, I guess you need a long sleep and difficult to get up in the morning. I have a other young man who has a similar situation like you.
After He took LoveLong for a month, he was able to have this penis to get up at 1-2 o'clock position.
He wanted to make harder and hold longer. Then, I gave him an alternate program between the LoveLonger and Lastlonger for the next 2 months.
So far, so good. He is making it harder and longer.
Then, he wanted to give him some idea how to eat correctly. I wanted him to eat grass power, called Mighty Green. Then, two weeks ago, he ordered these products. He has continued this program, indluding diets, guided by me.
You need the same program.
First, take LoveLong to wake up your penis.
Then, Take LoveLong/LastLonger to strengthen your penile power.
Learn Tai-Chi Yin-Kong (starting from the Anal Breathing Method) to switching your mind during sexual excitation. It will take you 2 or 3 month to understand this trick.
You will be ready for a new love life.

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