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News updated:

Case Study - An erectile-dug user with high-blood pressure likes the full spectrum-hormone releaser for better sexual orgasm.
Reader: 7/28/1999>
I have been a long-term subscriber of your ViaPal-hGH-E, ViaGrowth-III, Paragon, Ginseng Power Max 4X, and Energia Tea. Remember I can not take Fibra Tea because of my high blood pressure. I have found the combination of ViaGrowth-III, Paragon and Energia Tea works very well. Currently, I take 2 tabs of ViaGrowth-III and 1 tab of Paragon, and drink one full dropper of Ginseng Power Max 4X and Energia Teas every day. the supplements really improve my performance, libido and sensitivity, reduce the side effects of Vi?gr? (trade marked name not allowed here) and help me reduce the use of Vi?gr? (trade marked name not allowed here) down to 30%. I am re-ordering these products. By the way, how can i use these products to replace Vi?gr? (trade marked name not allowed)? This drug gives a lot of side effects!
Dr. Lin: 7/29/1999>

Thank you for your re-order. You were the first one to verify our testing of Fibra tea for the heart and high-blood pressure conditions. I remember I sent you Energia Tea to replace Fibra Tea in the ViaPal-hGH package.

Be honest to you, Fibra is more powerful than Energia. In fact, ViaPal-hGH-P is a complete package for replacing the erectile drug.

To fully replace the erectile drug, you have to take 2 tabs of Paragon a day, instead of one, and drink Energia Tea twice a day, with one full dropper in 8-oz water each time. The fully dosage of Paragon is 4 Tabs a day. So, you just use 50% of the Paragon power. In this way, the bioelectric level of your nervous system, your cardiovascular and endocrine functions, and the relaxation of your blood vessels (particularily, in the pelvic cavity) will be elevated to support your erection without the erectile drug.

Reader: 8/30/1999>
Finally, 1 got rid of V?agr? (trade marked name not allowed here). Even i take vi?gr?, i get no side effect any more. I used to have blue vision after taking v?agr?. I am glad i don't need it any more. i want to order more ViaPal-hGH-E and PeniSOS/EnergiaTea. They change my life and health (lower down my blood pressure by 20 points). I still have a bottle of Ginseng Power Max 4X. Any suggestions?
Dr. Lin: 8/30/1999>
Congratulation! You make it without the erectile drug. It has taken "us" 3 months to fix your problem. The most difficult part is how to build up your sexual energy without elevating blood pressure. It seems that my recommendation to replace Fibra tea by Energia Tea hits the jackpot. Lowering down the blood pressure will make you last longer. One stone kills two birds - boost the sexual power for erection and lower down the blood pressure at the same time.
In fact, this spectrum-hormone releasing supplements elevate your bioelectricity in your parasympathetic nerves-associated organs, including the heart, lung, liver/gallbladder, eyes, lacrimal gland, nasal mucosa, submandibular and sulingual glands, parotid gland, ears, kidney, adrenal glands, stomach, large and small intestines, bladder, sex organs, and rectum/anus. Sufficient hGH (human Growth Hormone), DHEA and testosterone, and a balance estrogen level rejuvenate your entire body, not only actuate your erection. They actually enhance the parasympathetic function and mitigate the sympathetic function that controls the kidneys' renin-release mechanism for racing the heart and elevating the blood pressure. Mitigating the sympathetic action during intercourse will prolong erection and hold ejaculation back for a long (1 or 2 hours) love session.
Ok! waive the shipping and handling fee for our old customers, unless you want express shipping. If you order more than 2 sets (3 sets or more) of each individual package, you get 20% off on each package.
The Fibra tea in the PeniSOS package will be replaced by Energia Tea.
Reader: 10/4/1999>
1. In our last phone conversation a month ago, you told me to eat salmon fish head or meat for a solid erection. i tried salmon meat. i got a very hard erection, but the salmon fish filet costed me $8.00 per pound.
2. I want to reorder ViaPal-hGH-E. can i get rid of PeniSOS? can i got discount if i order 2-month supply?
Dr. Lin: 10/4/1999>
1. After I experienced an extreme hard erection everytime once I ate salmon heads years ago, I got sexual concepts of the pituitary and its growth hormone and started to explore the power of the red fish meat. That is how I came up with the idea of formulating a full-spectrum hormone releaser for hGH,DHEA, testosterone and balanced estrogen from the plant and animal hormones or hormone-building substances. My formulas contain many unknown (unnamed) plant and animal hormones/chemicals targeting our internal organs for rejuvenation. I don't know what hormones or chemicals turn the salmon meat to orange red, but I have sensed there are a lot of unknown hormones in the red fish meat. The fish head is full of growth hormone substances. They won't stimulate sexual urgency, but power penile erection with a calm prostate for prolonging erection and intercourse. If you eat this red fish meat very often, 3 or 4 times a week, you can get rid of the dietary supplements eventually! And, I will run out of business. I should not disclose my secret.

2. Yes, you may be able to get rid of PeniSOS from now on! Anyway, I will enclose a bottle of PeniSOS for you to test if you can reduce the PeniSOS dosage to quit. PeniSOS contains 600 mg of liver and testicle extract in total, to power the liver and testicular functions.
Yes,   you get  a discount of this order for 2 sets of ViaPal-hGH-E for the annual business cerebration since our business has been tripled since last year this time. We stock our own brand-named products by thousand in each manufacturing cycle. In this way, we are able to lower down the price and benefit more brothers and sisters. For example, we have combined all the ingredients of our existing products  with an extra substance Choline and other plant hormones into a new product called ViaGrowth-IV, based upon a old Chinese Emperor/Empress formula.  We have successfully tested and confirmed the power and effectiveness of ViaGrowth-IV. We improve our products based up our testing and customers' feedback. We highly appreciate you and other long-term subscribers for so much input. That is why we want to offer discount or gifts to our old customers. You may wonder why we call this the "HealthClub" as shown in
Updated 3/18/2000: ViaPal-hGH-X is more powerful than ViaPal-hGH-E.

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