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News updated:

Case Study: He said Dr. Lin's Natural Penile Enlargement (Power-Up or Ballooning) Method wroks well, for sexual oragsm.
Reader: 9/25/1999>
Dear Dr Lin,
I'm writing to ask you some questions I have about the methods you present in this (really wonderful) site.
1)I've used your technique of contracting the Tail Bone and it has worked from the first time I used it. What i want to know is if there are any exercises to train my muscle to be able so that i can contract it easier. Also, I would like to know if it is necessary to stop masturbating/thrusting for this technique to work, or -if i manage to do it better- i will be able to stop my ejaculation while i continue masturbating/thrusting.
2)I've tried using the Balloning method ,but unfortunately I haven't managed to do it right until now. The reason is that i feel a bit uncomfortable while massaging the shaft as it is hard and i have an awkward feeling. Is this a problem? Could you possibly repeat the procedure with less terminology , because i don't know english very well.
3)What do you mean by "1,25/2.5 cycles per second" ? Maybe 1.25/2.5 thrusts per second ? Help please :)
Thanks a lot,

PS:I like your site because it's "original".You offer this information free to everyone and that's why i firstly believed that your methods work.You don't have anything to win as you are not trying to sell another manual ...Now in know they work. And that's not sweet talk, it's the truth everyone can understand

Dr. Lin: 9/27/1999>
Thank You!
1. Tail-bone muscle exercise. Yes, there is an exercise. Open you leg and periodically contract (squeeze) your butts against your tail bone.
That is it.
Of cource, you can add some feature with sexual chikong breathing with this exercise. Relax; Apply a light pressure against the bladder with inhaling to halfway (1/2 of the lung capacity); digitally inhale and contract the butts against the tail bone stepwise; hold your breathing for 3-5 seconds when the lung reach a maximum capacity, and slowly release the tail bone muscle and exhale.
Apply this method to intercourse and masturbation.
You will have a long way to go ejaculation.
Principles: Use the pressure on the bladder and the sacral spinal (tail bone) nerves to guide the bioelectric energy (Chi) in the prostate back to the brain via the spinal cord (water pathway) and Governing Vessel (fire pathway). The pressure in the bladder and sacral spinal nerves interrupts the motor nervs to the prostate. The penile erection must be powered by the local testosterone burning in the prostate area or by the female sexual energy from the Epicenter. The endorine function must poduce a DHEA and testosterone burst to fuel the prostate neurons and tissures by a good local blood circulation.
2. it seems you get used to masturbating rather than massaging.
Start to massage the pubis, penile base/footing and groins, then to the upper side of the penile shaft, up to the neck of the glans.
3. yes. 1.25/2.5 thrusts per second. It is very difficult for men to perform at a rate of 2.5 thrusts per second. Let your woman do it for you.

Reader: 9/27/1999>
I"ve tried the pwer up method again.It's working fine as i get a 1'o clock erection.I've noticed that this happens when i'm wearing tight jeans and i get an erection :) Anyways ,I would like to ask you something : You mention somewhere that it is possible to power up your penis by her bioelectricity. Is it also possible to "excite" her more during lovemaking with your own bioelectricity ??? Thanks again
Dr. Lin: 9/28/1999>
1. A tight jean lifts the scrotum up to stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone burst after a long cool-down period during the night. It is like the blooming fruit trees experiencing a warm spring weather after a long cold winter. You can enmulate the natural cycle by taking cool shower, followed by a warm massage in the grions, pubis and penile base/footing to power up the erection, particularily, in the morning after waking up.
2. Yes, you can extract the female bioelectric energy from the Epicenter to help power up the penis.
First, you have to stimulate her to engorge her Clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter. If you want to do so, you can not rush up to finish intercourse. You have to excite her with the clitoral stroking (like the penil masturbation), vaginal screwing and finger plier to expand her vagina. Visual stimulation with adult movies is very effective too. Let her watch the adult movie while you are vaginally screwing her.
What you want is to create the testosterone burst and burning in your prostate/penis and her clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter.
The penis and vagina interact each other bioelectrcally. You must have the nervous fibes and terminals (the green dots) as shown in
in the superior side of the penis and glans couple with her G-spot and Epicenter.
The stimulation speed for coupling the bioelectric energy is 1.25 thrusts per second, the normal heart rate.
This stimulation speed will make the penis and vagina further expand, and sometimes can trigger her multiple orgasm if she is in the highest gear and the penis is extremely hard.
If you want to use your penile bioelectrity to stimulate her more effectively, you have to "operate" your or her love tools at 2.5 thrusts per second. This operation speed will trigger her multiple orgasms. I strongly recommend this operation speed for the loving couples having 2-10 orgasms a week, while the low operation speed, 1.25 thrusts per second, is in favor of the male for ejaculation control and penile power-up.
So, you should spend a long time (5-15 minutes) in operating your lovemaking machine at the low rate, 1.25 thrusts per second to enlarge your penis and her clitoris/G-spot/Epinceter after screwing each other for 5-10 minutes at 0.625 circles per sencond. Then, Speed up the penis-vagina engine at a high rate of 2.5 thrusts per second for 5-10 minutes. You will find the penis and her G-spot/Epicenter are about to explode at this moment.
If you have a natural erection to start with, you will find out that the penis expands to 140%, gaining about 2 inches extra, from an average penis of 5.2 inches.

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