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Case Study: Dr.Lin's theory of orgasmic excitation for breaking the orgasmic barrier to achieve sexual orgasm in every lovemaking.
Reader: 10/29/1999>
My husband And I have a good sexual relationship but I can't have an orgasm. While we are having sex I feel like there is something going to happen... but it never does. There is a lot of tension, sometimes I ask my husband to stop because I can't stand it any more, it's like there is no release. Can I be at the edge of an orgasm and not go any farther? How can I remedy this?
Dr. Lin:10/30/1999>
You had experienced the orgasmic barrier like the sound barrier encountered by a jet moving from a subsonic speed to the transonic speed (about Mach 1.0, ie. the jet speed = the sound speed of the air) .
To break the barrier, you have to open the energy gate or window (I term it the Earth Gate) at the Clitoris base, as shown in
This is the most tricky point in lovemaking for orgasm. That is, you need a simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot (or Epicenter) and the Clitoris in the final stage of lovemaking to open this energy gate and trigger the uterine contraction at the same time. If the energy gate is not open, the sexual energy is built up and stored in the Epicenter, creating a hypertension in the muscles and ligaments in the pelvic cavity, like pelvic congestion. At this point, the sympathetic nerve in the autorhythmic fibers of the Epicenter (Orgasmic Pacemaker) has raised the resting potential over - 40 mV, which is the critical value to produce orgasmic action voltage to radiate the sexual energy out in form of uterine contraction pulses or orgasmic waves. At this moment, if you stimulate the clitoral nerve, the energy window will suddenly open and the Orgasmic Pacemaker will pace uterine contractions to make you come. The best love position for you to do so is the 3-Point Excitation Position as described in
If you don't use this lovemaking position, you have to heat up the clitoral nerve to a critical state by a heavy clitroal massage as shown in
Or, you alternate the love position between the 3-point Excitation Position (pressure stimulation on the clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter) and a high-attack-angle position (pressure stimulation on the G-spot/Epicenter) several times with a stimulation duration of 3-10 minutes to power up the Clitoris and G-spot. The 3-point Excitation Position in this clitoral/penile power-up stage (I term it the "Hard-drive stage" in my "lovemaking procedures for multiple orgasms": /cases/case7522.htm ) serves as an alternative, heavy clitoral/G-spot massage, as described in clitpwr.jpg .
The clitoral shaft should be swollen like a small, erected penis, very firm and sensitive. You can sense the clitoral base/nerve expanding from the clitoral shaft down to the G-spot across the urethra. In this situation, the G-spot is popped out as shown in
That is, the stimulation pressure on the G-spot provided by a hard penis (a powered-up one like that in lovetool.htm ) or a finger can also stimulate the clitoral nerve to open the energy gate (window) across the urethra. This will produce the G-spot or/and Epicenter orgasms, while the 3_point Excitation Position (and Method) usually generate a combination of the clitoral/G-spot/Epicenter orgasms in one shot, the most powerful Level-6 or -7 orgasms which are classified in
However, if a powered-up, hard penis can directly lock into the Epicenter (Orgasmic Pacemaker) and strike it with a high-impact pressure at a high stimulation rate of 2.5 thrusts per second as shown in the central graph of http://www.actiontao.com/image/resonant.jpg , the high-impact stress, which produces a strain wave or deformation wave of the urethral tube, will propagate along the urethra to strike and open the energy gate for orgasmic triggering without directly stimulating the clitoris. This results in Epicenter Orgasm, or a mixture of G-spot and Epicenter Orgasm since the stimulation on the G-spot is inevitable..
Thus, the high-impact stimulation on the Epicenter or/and G-spot can trigger sexual orgasm without simultaneously stimulating the clitoris, as long as the clitoris is "preheated" to a critical state and the clitoral shaft is swollen like an erected penis.
The vocal response to a combination of the clitoral/G-spot/Epicenter orgasms is shown in
where the first peak of the orgasmic responses after breaking the Orgasmic Barrier is the pulse produced by the opening of the energy gate ( that is clitoral orgasm), followed by the uterine contractions, at a rate of 1.25 cycles per second or a period of 0.8 seconds per cycle, driven by the continuous stimulation on the G-spot or/and Epicenter. The temporal spacing between the clitoral orgasmic pulse and the first uterine contraction pulse is 0.4 second, a half of the uterine contraction period.
NOTE: Don't directly trigger the clitoral orgasm from the glans clitoris, which will make the clitoris become too sensitive to stand more stimulation for multiple-cycle orgasms(come in one time) or multiple orgasms (come more than one time). Trigger it from the clitoral base/footing or the clitoral rooting nerve near the urethra by the pressure stimulation of the erected G-spot ridge (about 1 inch long) on the ceiling of the vaginal wall, as shown in lovetool.htm.

Based upon the vocal response to the orgasmic pulses, you can see what is the problem you have encounterd in your lovemaking. It is not the orgasmic dysfunction, but a simple technical or engineering problem. This is the most trick part for orgasmic lovemaking. This is why we have developed special lovemaking techniques to guarantee sexual orgasm in every lovemaking we want.

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