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Case Title: ViaGrowth-IV strengthens her vaginal muscle, helps her achieve orgasm and rejuvenates her body.
Reader: 3/15/2000>
E-mail 1:
Dr. Lin, I wanted to let you know what a dramatic change your VIA-GROWTH IV and FIBRA has made in my life for the past few weeks. The 1st day I got my order I couldn't wait to try the VIA-GROWTH IV plus FIBRA. I took 1 VIA-GROWTH IV the same day it came. My boyfriend and I made love early the next morning and I was amazed at how quickly that 1 pill made. I did not get too wet and it made a big difference in the feeling of our lovemaking. That morning I could not wait to try the FIBRA on my boyfriend and myself. It was very calming and stimulating at the same time. I have noticed that 1 pill a day worked better for me than 2. I don't know if becouse of my age(31)or if too much of it defeats the purpose! I could feel changes in my body the last few weeks that are physicaly and mentally noticeable. I feel so self-confident and even feel younger. My years of KEGALS seem so wasted since taking just 1 VIA-GROWTH IV. I could actually feel the indide of my body changing, which has been noticed inside and outside of my body as well. My vaginal strength is stronger than I could have imagined that it would be, just becouse of your products. I am so glad I found your Web Pages and glad that you are such a wonderful Dr. I will always order from you as long as you are here for me and everyone else! I would definately recommend your products to anyone who is sceptical and think they know Herbs! I am a sceptic and never ordered anything on-line before, but after reading your Web Pages for a while i ordered your product and you made a believer out of me! I am very happy with my results and want to say THANK YOU!!

P.S. I have a concern for a friend of mine who is a mother of 2 and just turned 40. Last year she was doing yard work and started having chest pains which sent her to the hospital. Just yesterday she got taken to the hospital by ambulance while at work becouse the whole right side of her body went numb. She has a history of chronic migranes and has been on Pr-z-c (anti-depression drug, trade-mark name not allowed) since I don't know when for stress and depression. The Doctor said that the stress gives her the migranes and sent her to the hospital. She stopped taking the Pr-z-c about a year ago, and she says that's why she gets the migranes more often and went to the hospital twice. Is there something that you could recommend that she could take? I know that you have products that are very good and would love her to try them also. I have read your pages where your products have helped people with depression. I have noticed by just taking the VIA-GROWTH IV and FIBRA a big change in the way I feel. I bragged to her how WONDERFUL your products are and still think she should order from you anyways. I am concerned for her health and want to share my experience of the products with her, and make her life as good as mine has been the last few weeks. I was also wondering, don't take this the wrong way Dr. Lin, you are a very amazing Dr. and I am very impressed with your products. I was wondering if you could recommend another product of yours for me to take with the VIA-GROWTH IV to maximize the process I am going through to get the full benifit of my reason for taking them.Should I take the VIA-GROWTH IV longer to recieve the maximum benifit? Sometimes I seem to get wetter than I did in the beginning of taking the VIA-GROWTH IV. Should I take 2 instead of 1 or what would you recommend? I appreciate your time and for being so BRILLIANT!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

E-mail 2:
Dr. Lin, I just sent you a letter and I was praising your products so much I forgot to say glad to see you back in circulation and glad to know I can still order your wonderful products! I also typed in the name of an ati-depressant that a friend of mine was taking without even thinking this was the whole reason you went off-line for a while. I appologize for that and I love your site and praise you and your products. Will be a loyal customer always, THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Lin:3/15/2000>
Thank You for your wonderful experience with ViaGrowth-IV. Keep in mind that this product is a concentrated extract from foods and herbs. I have derived this formula from a thousand-year old Chinese Emperor/Empress formula. The main difference is, the old formula uses animal organs and tonic herbs while my formula takes advantage of the modern biochemical research results without killing animals for our pleasure and health.
This formula and ViaPal-hGH-D or -X are for both men and women since we are dealing with the major controller, the brain/nervous/endocrine/liver systems, of the body. As long as these systems function properly, we don't have to worry about the penile and vaginal sizes any more. The effectiveness of the products is associated with how much intake you need to balance your body function. More is not better. Since overdose will slow down the liver function, the major biochemical processor. At your age, take 1/2 - 1 tablet, no more than one. For your friend, One tablet ViaGrowth-IV a day will reverse the drug damage. Initially, I suggest her to include Ginseng Power Max 4x with FibraTea. This will give her brain/nervous/liver/endocrine a boost that will send her body function back to the right track in one week. In this regard, she can order ViaPal-hGH-D or -X for re-boosting her body. This is a 60-day supply for her. If she orders it under your name, she will get 20% off. She can get rid of drugs with this package.
My wife, the same age as mine, takes 1 tablet ViaGrowth-IV once a day. Her vaginal muscle is well-tuned like a virgin's. She has No more penetration/intercourse or orgasmic/post-orgasmic pains or cramps due to uterine prolapsing and backward-tipping. Her vaginal size/orifice are just like what they were in her 20's. OOP!  Reduce the vaginal size naturally - by inflating the urethral spongy tissues (like the penile tissues) from the G-spot to Epicenter!. You better believe it!  Click here for her updated vaginal-orifice/clitoral picture taken in 2/2000. The fundamental theory of strengthening any muscles is: you have to feed the muscle with DHEA and testosterone for increasing its elasticity and flexibility and for expanding its hormonal receptors associated with the sensitivity/response of the local sensory/motor nerves. That is, the vaginal lining and muscle need ViaGrowth-IV. If you take 1 tablet ViaGrowth-IV, and drink FibraTea + Ginseng Power Max 4x, one hour before sex, you will triple your clitoris/G-spot sizes or more, during sexual intercourse. In fact, this is the ViaPal-hGH-D package (item 3-012)  which are formulated to power up the penis and the clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter tissues. This is because of  the similarity of the spongy tissues for 
the glans penis vs. the glans clitoris, the penis/urethral tube vs. the female urethral spongy tissues from the G-spot to the Epicenter, and the prostate vs. the Epicenter's autorhythmic fibers (Orgasmic Pacemaker or the female degenerated prostate.)  That is why ViaPal-hGH-D or -X (for heart and blood-pressure patients) is so effective to power up the sex organs for men and women. FibraTea (or EnergiaTea + PeniSOS) and Ginseng form a  stress hormone  reducer and a so-called alpha blocker for blocking stress-hormone receptors in the sex organs. They assist ViaGrowth-IV to promote and power up the spontaneous penile/Clitoral/G-spot/Epicenter  erection or engorgement.  The result will be like http://www.actiontao.com/image/lovetool.jpg
or http://www.actiontao.com/image/pwr-pc.jpg
. Even, Middle-age or senior women can make it like that too. Having sex along with a porn movie can triple your testosterone level when you take ViaGrowth-IV one hour before. The Clitoris will engorge like a small penis! This is our real experience.
You don't need KEGALS exercises any more. All you need is SEXUAL CHIKONG INTERCOURSE This is how my wife exercises her vaginal muscle.

No Problem! I will scan the trade-marked drug name and scramble it.
I don't want the drugs companies to use their trade mark as a weapon to kill the freedom of speech and drive me out of business!
I am back to the business immediately, because my old customers want to continuously do the business with me. 
Since the effectiveness of our products can do a better job than the antidepressants and erectile drugs, the drug companies consider my products as one of their main competitors. I have learned a lot about the freedom of speed VS. the trade-mark infringement.

Note: The Associate Press's News (3/15/2000) said: "Supplements May Help Arthritis: Research finds fewer side effects" than drugs. The Researchers' finding was published in today's Journal of the American Medical Association. The most ridiculous findings of the Boston University's researcher are: All the 9 previous publications during 1966-1999,claiming benefits of Glucosamine and Chondroitin compounds to arthritis, were flawed because these studies were sponsored by supplements' makers, and only their current findings and study sponsored by the N.I.H. are correct! This is a joke! FYI: Please read "Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Treatment of Osteoarthritis - A systematic Quality assessment and Meta-analysis" in Journal of American Medical Association, March 15, 2000 - Vol.283, NO. 11, Page 1469

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