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Based upon "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling"
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Case Study -   Reader's comments on 'Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms'! 
Reader: 2/8/2001>
Dear Dr Lin:
I'd like to express my words of appreciation and greatfulness for your person
for so beautyful book as it is Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasm.
I have personal greatfulness ,and the greatest respect for your attitude and
approch of sexual problems.
I have to admit that I little disregarded Chinise culture as materialistic
and secondary after Indian one.Just under influence of your book I changed my opinion.
Power and beauty of your will to be in subject which is so overvhelmed by sensuality,
makes on me impression of the true beauty.
I am studying your book being at 2-nd chapter.If someone wants to know what is LIFE
should study your book as Book of Tantra-I've red a few books about yoga and tantra,
and i found that in true mystical experiences THE SAME ACT OF VIBRATION
makes happiness in mystical experience of saints called "MOKSHA or LIBERATION.
Way to this state of consciousness is also through MANTRA which is considered
very powerful by wave of vibration running from the base to the Crown Chakra.
There are so colled "bija words" which involve chakras as theirs source of energitizing.
Word OM with correct prononciation is the source a wave of vibration from the feet to 
the head with growing amplitude.Body in this case is like vibrating stick.
I found in your book,and in sexual experience THE SAME EFFECT which is expression of
happiness and joy.Saints who abandoned sexual life...found the same life on different level
but with THE SAME EFFECT which led them to the state of "samadhi"..state full consciousness
and total concentration in MOMENT...what is being OUT OF TIME.
Studying your book I am greatful for you,your wife and everyone who gave you 
experience and material-I think photographs.
Let me say you some words also crytic.Your book is written in very scientyfic manner
it has its own advantages and faults.
I am not physics,and not scientist..your language is overvhelmed with scientific
teminology so for people like me is sometime hard to understand so complicated
sentences.Maybe should be done simplification of text,to make it more popular,
maybe should be done 2 books for scientists and for comman readers?
It should be as I feel very clear formed GLOSSARY OF TERMINOLOGY ,where for
nonscientific readers could be explained all your terminology-as I understand-
your own,and accepted scientific environment terminology.
In this form book would be issued with beautyful pictures.
Your book would be very rear as non pornographic in subject of sexuology.
With the Greatest Respect

Dr. Lin: 2/9/2001> Thank You for your comments! 
When I wrote this book during 1996-1997, I was still working on the resonant cavity of microwave X- and K-band radars, the same principles as the resonant excitation of coastal-trapped edge waves for my Ph.D thesis filed in the University of California, Berkeley, in 1982. I have extended the same excitation/energy-trapping principles/phenomena  for sexual orgasm, male and female. For women, the excitation is focused on the urethral nervous circuits of spinal cords T10-L2 (sympathetic); for men, on the anal/tailbone nerves of sympathetic T10-L2 and parasympathetic S1-S5, instead of the prostate with help of the bladder parasympathetic nervous circuits (S1-S5) for prolonging sex and multiple orgasm without ejaculation, where stimulation of the urethral/prostate nervous circuits must be avoided.
While I can not avoid the physical/engineering terminologies, I use a lot of pictures (our XXX-Rated) and graphs (more than 200 frames) to show loving couples how to excite orgasm without physical and engineering background. The Complexities of the book includes the application/control of the brain/spinal/autonomic nervous systems to sexual intercourse, synchronization of the male and female sexual circuits, the similarities of the sex organs in term of resonant physical devices, the application of traditional Chinese acupuncture networks to sexual orgasm excitation and so on. 
However, I have simplified the theories to the how-to-do-it level for ordinary people. Chapters 2 deals the theoretical/Physical aspects of "Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms." The rest of Chapters and Appendix are for sexual fun and pleasure for every body.
I can separate the theoretical aspects of sexual orgasm from the sexual pleasures chapters in the near future. When I wrote this book, I used too many of our xxx-rated pictures extracted from our lovemaking video and audio tapes recorded in 1977-1994 (you can see the date on the pictures or video files) and I had to make the book look like an engineering sexual manual, rather than a porno graphical publication. That is why I added the theoretical/physical aspects to this book. But, still a lot of conservative people view this book as a pornography due to our XXX-Rated pictures and video files. 
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