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Product Name: Endura
Product Number: 3-006

This package is re-grouped after our customers' successful reports.
1. one Via Growth-III/Fibra (1 bottle of Via Growth-III, 60 tabs, and 1 bottle of Fibra"), 1-oz liquid; 
2. Ginseng 4X+, 2-oz liquid 
This is a Fast Action package.

This package is a 60-30 day supply for men of age 25-35.

Take Via Growth-III twice a day, in the morning and evening.
Drink FIBRA and Ginseng Tea once or twice (50% dosage each) a day - One full dosage is a mixture of 28 drops of FIBRA and 56 drops of Ginseng in a coffee cup of water.
Why do you need this combination? The original formula consists of DHEA (25 mg) + PeniSOS + Ginsneg Power Max 4x, given in .

This improved formula is more powerful and effective than the old one.

Other herbs to enhance its effects:
MoodMax, Folic Acid, B-12, C and E.
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