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Product Name: Ginseng 4X+, 2-oz liquid.
Product Number: 2-007
Price: US$15.00 (discounted)


Taking B2 (2-4 mg), B-12 (250 mcg) and Folic Acid (400 mcg) are highly recommended.

Ginseng 4X+ is a Yin-Yang balanced formula for enhancing the effectiveness of other herbs. It also contains other neuronutrients such as Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Fo-Ti, and Huperzia Serrata, and the circulation enhnacer Ginger. Lo-Han Fruit (Fruit of Paradise) is added for improving the ginseng's taste.
Other herbs/vitamins to work with:

ViaGrowth products, MoodMax, DopaFibra,Fibra, Energia, and Verdina.
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