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Product Name: Orgasmic Tea (also known as Heat Tea), Revised 5/20/2007.
Product Number: 3-001
Component and Ingredients:

Formed by a mixture of  2-oz Energia and 1-oz Fibra (click here for ingrieients), with PeniSOS (click here) and ViaGrowth-III(click here)  daily supplement.
This is a mind-modulation tea that enhnaces the functions of the entire body for health and sex.
Heat Tea promotes Mind Modulation of the entire body for health and sexual orgasm.
To take care of intercourse pain and post-orgasm pain/cramp, and PMS, we ship this package with ViaGrowth-III for your daily supplement, now (starting from 9/1/1999). Taking 1 or 2 tablets a day will eliminate or mitigate these problems (depending on dosage) , give a peaceful mind and enhance your sexual response and pleasure during your post-ovulation and PreMenstruation time (click here for illustration.)  This formula is for young women under 30.  For older persons, please take ViaPal-hGH formula.


The Orgasmic Tea will give a woman the "heat" and engorge her G-spot for sex any time, like the female animals looking for mating. Under the "heat", the sex organ is naturally lubricated and swollen, ready for penetration any time. A woman drinking this tea will become an execllent lover while her man doesn't have to work so hard! Her G-spot becomes extremely extrusive and sensitive. It can save you up to 80% of your time and effort (stimulation) to make her come. I should call this Orgasmic Tea as Passionate Tea or Heat Tea. This is a G-spot and Epicenter Orgasmic Tea.
How do the stimulates the Dopamine-Hypothalamus-Pituitary and Autonomic Nervous System to put her in the mood; Energia excites the hormonal production system (Endocrine System); Fibra works on the Blood Circulation System to create a hydraulic blood pressure in the genital area, and stimulates the Endocrine System for releasing testosterone in the bloodstream.
This tea burns the nutrients to sexual energy to have more sex. It can reshape her body and figure.

This Tea can also help men to erect a hard penis too.

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