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Based upon "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling"
by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE, a bridge between the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.==> [ORDERING THE BOOK]< =>[Why?]

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Feature Topics:
Ouline of powering up the penis and clitoris/G-spot/Epicenter for prolonged intercourse and multiple sexual orgasm (s)
Why her G-spot is dead - no sexual orgasm.
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Use morning intercourse (without ejaculation for growing the penis) or Screwing Finger Plier Method to grow her G-spot and Epicenter for sexual orgasm.
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How to benefit from Sexual Orgasm.
He experienced an unusual erection and sexual orgasm with ViaGrowth-III which is for the Natural Penile and G-spot Enlargement
Your Question:
Where is the G-spot? (Do the vibrating devices or over-masturbation damage/abrade your clitoral and G-spot tissues and nerves for your orgasmic difficulty or dysfunction?)
Revised Dates: 7/1/1997, 5/22/1998, 6/15/1999) >
More orgasmic techniques listed in:/extra/relate.htm, /extra/tipo.htm (tipes of orgasm and We look beyond the so-called G-spot orgasm: /cases/case8041.htm
How about "Dr.Lin's theory of orgasmic excitation for breaking the orgasmic barrier to achieve sexual orgasm in every lovemaking." ==>/cases/case8601.htm

Answer:  The following sketch shows the location of the G-spot. The G-spot is located about 1 or 2 (3 ?) inches inside vagina "IN" the wall between the urethra and vagina. If you use a finger to massage the upper wall of the vagina in 1 or 2 inches deep, you will feel there is an extrusive, rough "zone" between the 11 and 1 o'oclok postions there. The Actual Location of the G-spot is hidden in the wall between the rough zone and the urathra. In order to stimulate women to reach orgasm, it is essential to engorge the Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter or to expand the vagina to an extreme in the first place (click here for the picture of the swollen Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter,) and then to apply a rhythmic pressure of 6 PSI or so ( that is, 6 lb weight in an 1-inch x 1-inch area or 3 pounds force totally; or 0.43 Kg weight in an 1-cm x 1-cm area) against the rough zone so that the stimulation can deeply reach the G-spot nerve terminal. That is, men need a solid, HARD penis (Pointing to 12 - 2 O'clock positions, click here for the penile-clock picture) to do the job. By the way, the penis size is less important as long as the penis can provide that kind of pressure. If your penis can not apply enough pressure against the rough zone to reach the G-spot nerve, no matter how hard you work , it is useless. Your lady may tell you "I don't feel your penis inside my vagina!" So, YOU NEED A HARD PENIS AND A GOOD ATTACK ANGLE! The penis size is not important at all! My Finger Pliers Method can prove this statement.

Besides G-spot, don't ignore the function of the nerve terminal at the Clitoris base which is the Earth Gate of her sexual energy. This gate allows her orgasmic energy to surge into her Conception Channel of the acupuncture network, running from the clitorus to her forehead, along the central line of her chest. You must open this gate with a rhythmic pressure too. She won't achieve orgasm without openning this gate. That is the fundmental theory of my Finger pliers Method and 3-point Excitation Method.

Simultaneously stimulating her Clitoris and G-spot can Guarantee Her Orgasm as long as she wants. That is the reason that my lady gets 100-300% orgasm every time. I have never let her hang in the air. My readers also make the same conclusion. It is just a love trick!
The 3-point Excitation Method will hit another vital spot in the deep end of her vagina, as I call the Epicenter which is the location of autorhythmic fibers for pacing orgasm (or Orgamic Pacemaker). Simultaneously stimulation on the Clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter will produce multiple orgasms, like a volcano eruption or firework. She will ejaculate clear fluid from her uterus and the pores of her vagina wall. Her ejaculation can wet the bed sheet during her ovulation. Many female readers have reported to me about this phenomenon. Recently (5/21/1998), a male reader asked me the same question. So, I post his question and my answer here at
and another recent, WET report at

for all of you.
Finally, I would like to remind you that there is an emergency button for triggering lubrication before penetrating her vagina. This button is called Great Vestibular Gland. Massaging this button will produce lubrication in few minutes. Noticeably, this gland may be destroyed by the childbirth process. The deficiency of estrogen will dry up lubrication and female ejaculation fluid.

PS: I am not only teaching you the sexual skill, but also giving you my methods to troubleshoot the sexual problems a loving couple may encounter, sooner or later. My readers have commented my book being written for sexual pleasure. I think they are 50% correct. My intention is to help all the loving couples to bind together and to have a happy family. Sex is the primary driving force to bring a couple together. Sexual problems must be solved by SEX itself, as we follow the Taoism philosophy. As we get older, our bodies change. Sexual drive may become mismatched. We can re-match each other by many ways. That is what my book has been written for. If we want to retain our passion to each other, we have to let this love melody - sexual orgasm - continuosly orchestrate our life. Change a sexual partner to solve the problem? Well, the chance is very small.

Engineering Point of View:

The vagina is very similar to the cylinder housing of a piston in the engine. However, the female sexual nerves are inside her urethral spongy tissues, similar to those in the male penis. The vagina is the birth canal which does not have wired for sexual pleasure, but luckily on its ceiling, there are hot wires for sexual and orgasmic pleasures from the clitoris to the Epicenter/cervix.
For the proper excitation, we can not treat the penis-vagina coupling system like an engine by simply moving the penis in and out. If the couple simply treat the penis-vagina system like an engine running smoothly, the female will hardly reach orgasm and the male won't last too long since the penis would exert a rhythmic pressure against the urethral spongy nerves. THEY NEED a Good Attack Angle To effectively stimulate the G-spot and to prevent the penis from over-stimulation; THAT MEANS, THE SEX ENGINE MUST RUN VERY ROUGHLY!.

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