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Case Study - reader : 2/16/98> Me and my girlfreind are 20 and both new to sex. We have had sex about 15 times... but it only last about 5-10 minutes, i have an orgasim (not a very big one), then it usually goes wimp- leaving her unsatisfied. Is there some- thing i can do to last longer.
Free Advice from Dr. Lin:2/15/98>
As a new and young lover, you are pretty good! If you can do it for 5-10 minutes now, I believe you can make it for 30-60 minutes once your learn the sexual skills. The principle for prolonging intercourse is the same for all the cases except for the middle-aged and senior men like our generation. I attach a graph - Controle.gif for you to read with
By the way, you should not try the 2nd ejaculation for her orgasm. It will damage your health. I have a rescue method for you, as described in
You can get her off the air in one minute with this method.
Any questions, Please e-mail me!
Reader: 2/18/98> - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your advice-- i tryed it last night.. and sex lastes about 45 minutes.. excluding for-play! And the best part is that i made her come 2x. Thanks alot!!
Dr. Lin: 2/18/1998>
Her intensive oragsms have been your pride - The Tao of Love.
I am very proud of you. Making her come 2x is standard with my methods.
Take care of yourself. Don't overdraft your sexual bank.
The next step is to learn emission control, giving her multiple orgasms without ejaculation. In fact, you are qualified!
What you need is to make love in the morning in weekend. After making her come, use your mind to overcome your desire and then massage your penis base/footing to disperse the accumulated blood and Chi over there. And, have some physical exercises or yardworks. You will feel your body become very powerful!

WARNING: Don't make her come 3 times; The 3rd multiple orgasms may induce the uterus/low abdomen cramps; We have experienced this problem before! Click here for the solution of the orgasmic cramp and it works!
There is one more thing that I would like to pick your brain on. How do i get her to have multiple orgasims???? I would REALLY love to be able to do that for her.
I tryed rubbing her clit will she rode me... it just made her cum quicker and maybe alittle of intensely...

Dr. Lin: 3/26/1998>
You have to make her come without ejaculation.
Let her ride on you. When you are about to come, you have to switch your mind to counteract the ejaculation urgency. What you can do are:
1. Practicing a heavy belly breathing and widely openning your eyes;
2. Squeezing up your anus;
3. Producing sound in your mouth with breathing;
4. Using your teeth to lightly bit your lips.
She has to swing with her uterus contraction rate at a rate of 1.25 cycles per sencond after she breaks her orgasmic barrier, involuntarily cries breaking out after a long silence and short breathing (the transient stage).

Note that in the transient stage or trans-harmonic stage, of sexual orgasm, her brain is fully of heat waves from her sex organ, and become fuzzy, and her mind is flying out of her body. Her moaning will suddenly and involuntarily change. She can not talk as what the porn movies show you. If her mind can still control her mouth, like saying "Yes! Yes! Fucking Me Harder...." or "OOH! OOH!..." , she is not in the transient stage yet. I have never seen any actresses in the adult movies even entering this stage so far.

Without synchronizing the stimulation in her sex organ with her uterus contraction after reaching her orgasmic state, her brain will register Violent Chaos, instead of rhythmic pleasure waves (the Multiple Sexual Orgasms). Under this condition, she cann't accept any continuous stimulation. That is, to drive her multiple sexual orgasmic waves, the stimulation must synchronize her uterus constraction. If she makes it this way, she will takes up to 20-30 cycles of sexual orgasm, untile she feels enough is enough.

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