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Based upon "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling"
by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE, a bridge between the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.==> [ORDERING THE BOOK]< =>[Why?]
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Warning: This is NOT an XXX Website, But we deal with Multiple, Sexual Orgasms and Impotence!
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Special NOTE: ViaPal-hGH-D,-X -E and -POrgasmic (Heat) TeaEndura, LastLonger and LoveLonger are formulated, based upon the previous success of our products and the principle of the thousand-year old Chinese Emperor and Empress formulas. Dr. Lin has sucessfully packed the 5000-year wisdom and modern biomedical/biochemical science in one package! Now, they are available for your multiple sexual orgasms, antidepression, rejuvenation, and promotion of the brain/endocrine/nervous/cardiovascular/liver systems - the ultimate joy of your health and love. They are used to reverse the side effects of any medication drugs and birth control pills or injection; restore the brain/nervous functions due to drug abusing, natural aging, menopause, over-masturbation; rejuvenate the sexual  nervous damage due to vibrating devices and over-masturbation;  increase vaginal lubrication and seminal production; kill pains and cramps in the body due to hormonal deficiency, over-ejaculation, over-masturbation, or aging. These formulas are to power your parasympathetic function (Yin Chi or Acetylcholine Neurotransmitter) for promotion of the sympathetic norepinephrine (noradrenalin) function (Yang Chi or the brain dopamine system) with reduction of the stress hormone (adrenalin) production by the adrenal medulla and with blockage of the stress hormone receptors, in conjunction with the modulation of serotonin nervous function.  The major effects of these products are: More energy; better sleeping; more Sex (yes! a lot of sex!); more ejaculation volume and lubrication; increasing the size of penis/G-spot/Clitoris; more erection and orgasm; prolonging lovemaking; shortening the refraction time to re-arm the penis and G-spot for the 2nd and 3rd orgasms; killing the pains or cramps in the low back, joints, ligaments,  pelvic cavity (PMS, orgasm and post-orgasm), vaginal, clitoris, penis and groins.  These products will increase the secretion of prostaglandin E1 to resolve her penetration or intercourse pain and narrow down her vaginal size for gripping the penis, and enhance the erectile penis size and hardness.  Note: prostaglandin E2 will tent (stretch) up her vagina and expand her cervix, and  prostaglandin E1 will erect her inner penis protruding into her vagina  so that the gap between her cervix and bladder will tighten and suck up your penis. The vaginal suction of the hard penis will make him feel earth movement.  More Old Successful Stories of Dr.Lin's teaching and wisdom are given in http://www.actionlove.com/extra/relate.htm
Are there any methods to make your female partner to reach orgasm in a short time (1 minute)?(Date: 8/17/1997, 6/15/1999) Advice:The 2nd ejaculation, drugs and the erectile-drug cause health problems.
Tricks for the female orgasm (updated 9/12/1999>:
1. Can you learn from the vibrator-induced orgasm?
Of course, the keys for women to achieve orgasm are: (a) Penis Hardness, (2). Stimulation speed (The maximum speed we can do is 2.5 cycles per second; The vibrator can do at much higher speed, but the frequent users of the vibrator has reported the clitoral and vaginal numbness or insensitivity - the side effect of the vibrator for its long-term users. Our 2.5-cycles-per-second stimulation speed has been considered as an upper limit of the most effective sexual stimulation.)
2. You must make sure that the penis and the clitoris/G-spot are erected/engorged to an extreme. The samples of the polished love tools are given in;
No clitoris and G-spot (her  inner penis - the urethral/vaginal spongy tissues) erection,
No Orgasm! I means, you must be patient to polish the love tools for multiple orgasms. A Woman who can erect her "inner penis" is impotent! Drugs, medication, smoking, birth control pills/injection, and over-masturbation with vibrating devices can make her become impotent and frigid! 
3.Dr.Lin has broken through the traditional Taoists' sexual limitations for more sexual orgasm.

4. Dr.Lin's theory of orgasmic excitation for breaking the orgasmic barrier to achieve sexual orgasm in every lovemaking.

OK, Here are the answers for you! The trick is to stimulate her urethral spongy tissues and nerves (her inner penis) like your stimulation on your penile nerves.

There are two basic methods to make her achieve orgasm in a very short time period as long as her vagina is lubricated and tenting up. They are the Three(3) -Point Excitation Method (or the Method of Resonant Orgasm), and the Two(2)-Point Excitation Method. In fact, I present THREE methods for every loving couple to enjoy each other. The third method is deduced from the Two- and Three- Point Excitation Methods, with the excitation and stimulation of his Powerful, Hot Ejaculation.

Every woman can achieve one or more orgasms by simultaneously stimulating the three sexual points as shown on the following sketch. Those three points are: the Clitoris, G-spot, and Epicenter which is located at the end of the vagina and between the bladder and cervix. The Epicenter (her prostate) was called the center of the lotus in some old Chinese sex books because the labia majora and minora are like a lotus flower. Here, I name it using the geophysical analogy of the female orgasm response since it is the energy accumulation center that can cause the eruption of the female sexual volcano. In order to make women to reach a violent orgasm in a short time, it requires that those three points be simultaneously stimulated with a lot of pressure (about 6 lbs/square-inch) against the urethra wall. This is what I call the Method of Resonant Orgasm because the female orgasm is so violent like a mechanical (or structural) system reaching a resonant state. In fact, when she reaches a state of resonant orgasm, she will feel that a volcano erupts inside her sex organs, and her sexual energy runs up to her head and radiates out, her vagina or uterus ejaculate the love juice, and her uterus contracts periodically at a period of 0.8 seconds per cycle, or a rate of 1.25 cycles per second. After eruption, she will feel the sexual pleasure and peace in her mind. It is the most beautiful moment for her.

The best (and unique) position and body movement for this method is shown in the following graph. The female should adjust her attack angle so that the three (3) points are under a proper pressure for each point. She should rock back and forth, instead of up and down, and gradually increase the speed, in order to resonantly generate compressively elastic waves along the wall between the vagina and urethra. The elastic wave energy will be accumulated and collected into the Epicenter in the form of the sexual energy. When the sexual energy reachs a critic level, it explodes from the Epicenter like a volcano eruption.The 3-point excitation method can also be done by a Double-body Motion Technique in which the lady should lay on a soft pad or bed to allow both horizontal and vertical motions under the man's control. The demonstration of this technique are given in the CD_ROM AVI files which are re-created from the original video tapes with vocal responses to the trans-harmonic excitation of multiple orgasms.

During the course of love coupling, the couple can also use the Screwing Technique and Double-body Motion Technique/positions to enhance her feeling and massage her entire vagina and his penis. This will bring her to a resonant state, where there is an orgasmic barrier to be broken, and make his penis become extremely hard. To break this barrier (like the transonic barrier of jets), the couple has to perform 100-300 continuous, no-stop, thrusts. If they are very skillful, my Double-body Motion Technique will allow them to generate multiple orgasms! Otherwise, he should make sure that the trigger zone of his penis is not over-stimulated. If he feels so, they should re-position the contact/attack angle between the penis and vagina or change the love position. At the same time, he should practice the Sexual ChiKong to knock down his excitement and block his sexual reaction (Numbing his penis with the Sexual ChiKong practice during the love coupling).

Generally speaking, once she achieves a resonant orgasm with the 3-point excitation (squatting/sitting) position, she will be completely satisfied, stop action immediately, and fall into his arms for hugging and kissing. Then, the couple should sit in the same position, let the penis stay inside the vagina for another 5 to 10 minutes and kiss each other. They will feel the exchange of the sexual energy occurred across each other through the penis-vagina and their tongues. After taking a break, he can decide to give her the secondly resonant orgasm if she wants another "home run", or he can simply start his day without ejaculation. If he stops there without ejaculation, he has to massage his genital area to disperse/release the blood and Chi collected around the penis base/footing..

The 2-Point Excitation Method in which only both clitoris and G-spot get involved is very important for the man with a short penis (at 2 inches or so ?). In this situation, both the Screwing Technique and Double-body Motion Technique with an high attack angle must be used to compensate the disadvantage of a small penis. The short penis can use the high attack angle to put more concentrated pressure on the G-spot than a long one does. The man with a short penis should take this advantage to compensate the shortcoming of his short penis that can not reach her Epicenter. Again, the man should use the Sexual ChiKong to lock his ejaculation gate. This method can also produce a violent orgasm for her as the Method of the Resonant Orgasm does, with the same squatting/sitting (3-point excitation) position, if he ejaculates his hot semen into her Epicenter when she reaches an orgasmic state. The hot semen striking he Epicenter will force her sexual volcano to erupt. In fact, the most important issue in generating multiple orgasms is the HARD penis that can produce a powerful ejaculation jet. In this situation, the penis size plays a secondly important role in triggering her sexual volcano. Her pleasures triggered by the 2-Point Method is another kind of sexual satisfaction, maybe different from those produced by the Method of Resonant Orgasm.

No matter which method is employed, men need a very solid, HARD/HOT penis (preferably pointing to 12- 2 O'clock positions) to do the job. Hence, men should learn how to make their penis become extremely hard during intercourse. I term this process as the "Power-up method" of the penis. The man must POWER his penis UP before ejaculating. The powerful ejaculation, driven by the contraction of his prostate at a period of 0.8 seconds per cycle, can trigger his own multiple orgasms as well.

The 2-point excitation method can also be done with two fingers; let one finger stay in the vagina and apply the other one onto the clitoris, where the two fingers, forming a pair of finger pliers, compress the clitoris, urethra and upper wall of vagina with approximately 6 lbs/square-inch (the engineering unit is PSI), or 3 pounds force. The pair of finger pliers then moves or rotates (screws) forward and backward (in and out) to the vagina. Once the vagina is tented (expanded), the thrusting speed should be increased from the slow one at a rate of 1.25 cycles per second to the fast one at a rate of 2.5 cycles per second. It will take about 2 minutes for her to erupt. With this method, orgasm can be occurred in any place any time without taking off the clothes.

Combining the finger-pliers method and his hot ejaculation (with sufficient prostaglandins E1 and E2) will force her sexual volcano to erupt too. This combination method is also very useful for a lot of couples, such as the handicapped, seniors, or those who have not time for a long love session or are in an inconvenient place. The steps are: (1) making her reach an orgasmic state by the finger pliers massage and (2) then ejaculating his hot semen jet into her Epicenter to trigger the eruption of her sexual volcano.

By the way, if you lose control of your ejaculation, do not worry! Pull your penis out of her vagina immediately, use the Finger Pliers to make her achieve orgasm in 1 minute, plug your penis back into her vagina, and then use the residual erection of your penis to thrust her vagina 3 - 5 cycles at a rate of 0.8 second per cycle. She will erupt into firework. She won't feel any difference between the eruptive orgasms produced by this rescue method and those by the 3-point excitation method. This is because her vagina is filled with your thick, hot semen (prostaglandins E1 and E2)  and well-lubricated so that she can not distinguish the penis from the finger.

In a demonstration of the Double-body Motion for the 2-point excitation in the CD_ROM AVI files, it shows that the "2 Points" can also be the G-spot and Epicenter. With the different combination of sexual orgasms, you will not get tired of having sex with the sample person over and over again.

NOTE: Do you want to hear what the breaking of the orgasmic barrier sounds like? I have also included five (5) samples of the vocal (moan and cry) responses to multiple, sexual orgasms and three (3) samples of actual sexual ChiKong intercourse to multiple orgasms in the CD-ROM Version of this book, so that you can verify yourself. In fact, there are nine (9) instructive motion picture AVI Files in this CD-ROM Version. You will also hear the trans-harmonic breathing, that tells men how to use the Sexual ChiKong breathing for prolonging intercourse, and women how to use the sexual ChiKong breathing to synchronously contract her vagina muscle for the excitation of multiple orgasms.
Engineering Point of View:

Vagina is very similar to the cylinder housing of a piston in an engine system. However, the female sexual senors have been allocated in the wall between the urethra and vagina. Similarly, the hot wire (triggering) zone of the penis is located in its lower side (under the urethra too!). For a proper excitation, the penis-vagina coupling system is not behaved like an engine system although there are some similarities between both systems. The motion of the penis inside the vagina should not be a smooth stroke, so-called "PUMPING", as the engine system does. The penis should strike on the wall between the vagina and urethra, where the elastic waves are generated. The kinetic energy of the penis motion is, therefore, converted into the elastic energy in the form of elastic waves propagated in the vagina wall, and eventually accumulated into the Epicenter as her sexual energy. Once her sexual energy reaches a critic level, an energy flow will surge up to her head and radiates out like a volcano eruption or firework.

If the couple simply treat the penis-vagina system like an engine system, she will hardly reach orgasm and he will lose the ejaculation control in a short time. The couple should use the resonant tuning principle to accumulate the kinetic energy into the uterus. It usually requires 100 - 300 continuous thrusts in one "round" at a constant period of either 0.8 seconds per cycle or 0.4 seconds per cycle (preferred). Perhaps, You should adopt a love position that allows you to carry out 100-500 thrusts in one shot. I call this position "the Orgasmic Execution Position." The CD_ROM Version of this book will show you more than 10 love positions that allow you to perform this heavy duty work with a high pressure and thrust rate.

God Lets the Engineer solve the Sexual Problems for all the loving couples! Dr. Lin bridges the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.

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