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Case Study - Epicenter or X-spot orgasm Beyond the G-spot sexual orgasm.
Reader: 3/23/1999>
No Problem. I would love to talk with you. I am the author of the book The X-Spot Orgasm. This is a new technique that teaches men how to give women one hour long orgasms. It has been said it is better than the G spot. my web page is
What state do you live in? Please contact me, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks Debbie
Dr. Lin: 3/24/1999>
I am in Boca Raton, Florida - about 25 miles south of West Palm Beach, 50 miles north of Miami Beach.
Glad to meet you in the cyberspace.
I have visited your website. I can see your confident face. I know you wrote what you have experienced. It is impossible for a person to write a book on sexual orgasm without the first-hand experience. Sometimes, I wonder if sex therapists or experts know what they are doing in their lovemaking. Be honest to you, my website and book are our personal exploration of sexual pleasure and problems. I believe it is very important to write up personal experiences/experiments as lovemaking references for loving couples, young or old. If we can compile more than 100 loving couples' experiences, the end product will become a almost complete love guild for all the people. I think we can consider a further corporation with your website or business.
We have gotten the same conclusion that there is a pocket deep inside the vagina, which bring the women to an extreme orgasm. This pocket is your X-spot, my Epicenter (Orgasmic Pacemaker). Our study shows that the Epicenter is the female prostate, degenerated, which is the major testosterone receptors site in the body, and the major location of autorhythmic contractile fibers, next to the heart.   You, as a woman, have had the first-hand experience of the sexual response to the stimulation of this spot. Our experience is: once I locks my glans into this spot which is between the bladder and the uterus/cervix, my wife erupts to a violent orgasm in one minute, and I feel my glans being sucked by the gap very tightly. That suction force is very powerful. If I don't practice my Tai-Chi Yin-Kong Breathing to channel the extra energy produced by the suction force, we will come together.
We always position ourselves to have my glans get into this pocket with my 3-Point Excitation Position. I have also created a Horse-rider posture, a 90-dgree rotation of the 3-Point Excitation Position, for other love positions to stimulate this particular spot, leading to her Epicenter orgasm.
I have done an very extensive study on this spot because it produces a long, violent orgasm that can cause the post-orgasmic pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity when the woman's testosterone and estrogen are low. The shortening of the vagina as women age will give women more change to get this type of orgasm without sufficient sexual hormones in the sex organs, when their men can still have a hard erection. So, I have developed some strategies and solutions for women, particularly, middle agers and seniors, to prevent the post-orgasmic pain and cramp.

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