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Product Name: LastLonger 2001 (updated 3/1/2001)
Product Number: 3-005

Formed by
1. MoodMax
2. Ginsen 4x+, 2-oz liquid
This is a Fast Action package.

Special Note: The old package was formed by PeniSOS, Fibra , Ginsen Power Max 4x (New formula Ginseng 4X+) and Kava Kava Tea in 1998. The new 2001/2002 formula is much more strength than the old one.
The Tricks for staying hard for 2 Hours are given in .


This 2001 package is more powerful than the old package which was discovered by a 27-year-old young man who claimed that he lasted for 2 hours after taking PeniSOS and Ginseng and drinking Fibra tea. The LastLonger 2001 covers the old one and doubles its strength.
The Ginseng tea has been upgraded as Ginseng 4X+ after 3/1/2002.

Other herbs to enhance its effects:
DHEA, and ViaGrowth -II/III/IV.

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